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Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex – FL

After 33 missions Candela was there to light the orbiter on her final mission located at NASA's Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

Unlike other exhibits for retired space shuttles Atlantis sits on a 43-degree angle. This allows spectators to see a view of the shuttle that previously only astronauts have seen.  The viewers not only get to see the inside of the shuttle as never before, but they can also get a full 360° view of the bird and even see videos of the craft flying and performing its day to day duties while orbiting between 190 and 330 miles above the earth’s surface. 

By combining ETC fixtures and controls, with Lumen pulse LEDs fixtures, ILC relay panels and our own control rack design, Candela has been able to keep this exhibit operating 7 days a week since its opening on 29 June 2013.