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Metro Sheraton Casino

San Juan, PR

The system for the Metro Casino was engineered to provide a unified, overall control scheme for all the lighting and sign elements in the space for continuity and capability.

One of the chief requests given to us for this project was to allow the operator the ability to change the look of the entire casino floor visually based on the current activity, or special events that may occur. One example would be if a certain limit or jackpot is achieved on the gaming floor by a customer, this event can trigger all the lighting elements to respond and call attention to this event.

There are two ways of achieving this, either by triggering one unified controller that is handling all the elements, or triggering multiple, smaller controllers with varying commands to achieve the same result. The unified control system also provides an easier point of control for updating and changing the look of the floor, as one unit needs to be dealt with, rather than as many as sixteen different units from different manufacturers.

The system uses the existing, specified control infrastructure for casino operations, providing a further efficiency in system design, eliminating the duplication of signal paths to the slot bases and table games for the use of lighting control. 

The system also provides interface of the dimming system that is owner furnished to provide its unification with the rest of the lighting elements in the space. This same concept of centralized, networked control has been applied by our firm for The Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Tampa, FL, the Event Center at the Borgota Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ, and for overall building lighting control at the Gaylord National Hotel outside of Washington, DC.