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The James Turrell Museum

Provincia de Salta, Argentina

The James Turrell Museum has over 18,000 sq ft of exhibition space surrounding Turrell's Skyspace centerpiece, "Unseen Blue" (2002). Skyspaces, or walk-in observatories, are rooms or areas in which Turrell uses architecture to shape light and thus create his artwork. With a perfectly square 15-foot by 15-foot aperture in the roof, visitors can view the sky as Mr. Turrell would manipulate the viewer’s perception of the sky, by subtly changing the light surrounding the square. Candela Controls, Inc. worked closely with everyone involved to ensure the vision of the museum and the artwork itself was met, as it is quite an undertaking to provide a lighting control system that supports artwork based on “Light”. Candela Controls provided the installation and programming of the integrated lighting control system throughout The James Turrell Museum.